Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Bento#Jan33~Totoro & Kurosuke Bento

Today's school lunch for my daughter will be Totoro & Kurosuke (Black Dustball). Took more time on cooking so less time for making =_=" Last night dinner, I stir-fried brinjal/eggplant and my kids liked it so much. So today I'm going cooked some for their lunch, hopefully still taste good :)
Totoro make from cooked rice that I've reheated from microwave. Add some Sakura cherry powder for lovely pink color :) Then used cling sheet to wrap out the oval shape and add the white rice on top. Next, make two ears for Totoro and arranged all to the bento box. Cut two small cheese for eyes and add nori that I used puncher to punch. Freehand cut Totoro whiskers, nose and body strips. Pan-fried chicken ham and cut into small cube then put it aside. 
Kurosuke/Black Dustball, I used circle cutter to cut out the chicken ham then add cheese on top and cover with nori.  Add the eyes and I didn't add the fuzzy fur :p
Stir-fried the brinjal/eggplant and sprinkle stir-fried garlic on top then add sweet sauce for the dish. Yum yum :p After cooked the brinjal, I stir-fried the french beans, straw mushroom and carrots with garlic too!! Add cute Kurosuke and eyeballs looking at Totoro. 
Phew.....done and time for photo taking!!! Then my girl saw her brother has apples so she wants too but there is no room for the bento. Well, I just add two small cubes :)
This is how my son's bento lunch looked ^_^ Big boy already so less cute design. Good for me too as I just focus on one bento :D 
Hope you all enjoy reading my blog and thank you so much for dropping by ^_^ Hugs & cheers! 

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