Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Bento#Jan34~Hello Kitty loved balloons

As my previous post have mention that I purchased some bakery stuffs. Other than alphabets fondant, I bought lovely balloons with many colors. To make bento, I just cut out the length that I want as the balloons comes together.
Here I took a photo of the balloons. Lovely right? Just for decoration ya!
I rolled eggsheet with chicken floss and put Hello Kitty nori on top. Underneath the eggroll, I make butter and peanut sandwich and the balance charcoal bread just arranged between the eggroll. Freehand cut out nori for kitty chan hand holding the balloons. 
Some strawberry with Hello Kitty picks and one gummy candy pack for her :)
Simple sandwich bento for her and hope you will like it too! Cheers!
By the way, I want to showed you "Ribena Plant" that my mother gave me. My kids loved it so I boiled the ribena plant with pandan leave and add brown sugar to taste. Yummy!
Here is the looked of Ribena Plant. Removed the seed, just take the petals to boiled after washing :) Oh ya, I've google search is also called as Roselle drink :)


  1. this is so interesting! I have never seen Ribena plant!! :D

    1. Also my first time see Ribena plant :) It taste exactly the same but depending how much sugar you add. Overall still taste sour as I don't add too much sugar :p


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