Friday, 15 April 2016

Bento2016#Apr15~Back to school bento

Phew....looks like I'm getting lazy to update my blog after my one week bento break due to my kids 2nd Term School Holidays ^_^ So let's see what I had made for this week.

Day 1: 11.04.16 (Mon)

On Monday, I made Line Brown vs Gudetama. Super quick and easy to made this bento lunch ^_^ Just filled up the rice first onto the bento box and covered up half section of Line Brown (chicken meat floss) and Gudetama (scramble eggs). For the face features simply add the nori and cheese for detailed. As for the other container, I prepared shrimp gyoza, pea sprouts and kiwi fruit. 

Day 2: 12.04.16 (Tue)

On Tuesday, I made Miffy the bunny bento. Underneath Miffy filled up some rice and broccoli and shaped up Miffy into head/ears/arms. Freehand scissor cut out the nori eyes and mouth. As for side dishes have steamed prawns, sotong balls, broccoli and watermelon cut out by using Miffy cookie cutter.

Day 3: 13.04.16 (Wed)

  On Wednesday, I made Pompompurin & Macaroon Bento ^_^ Both Purin made of quail eggs. To made Pompompurin in yellow colored simply soak the quail egg at turmeric water (lukewarm water + little bit of turmeric powder) I soaked two quail eggs for yellow colored because I need the other one to trim out for Pompompurin ears :) As for Macaroon Purin just normal boiled quail eggs and add on nori for the detailed. Oh ya, Pompompurin's hat made of shimeji mushroom and insert toasted spaghetti. For side dishes have stir-fried beef minced meat, pea sprouts and watermelon in flower shaped.

Day 4: 14.04.16 (Thur)

On Thursday, I made My Neighbor Totoro Theme bento ^_^ Filled up the rice first and add on each peapod silicon for Totoro/Chibi/Susuwatari Soot. Both Totoro made of mashed potatoes but Totoro in grey mixed with black sesame powder. Nori for the details and underneath Susuwatari was rice and I just covered up with nori. Punched out some nori clover leaf and for side dishes have chicken katsu, broccoli and carrots. 

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