Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Bento2014#Apr16~ Bee Bento

Phew......Luckily my sunny up egg successful or else there won't be any bento posting for today! No back up plan if I fail cause I don't have extra time to redo new sunny up egg =_="

Well, I use "kampung egg" or call village egg I think :D Love the yolk colour!! To made sunny up egg can just click HERE for the tutorial by just changing the prefer mould of your choice. 

Ingredients as follows: 
  • Bee : sunny up egg or go to view my tutorial :)
  • Rice underneath, sausage, broccoli, chicken floss & prawn
  • Grapes & blueberries
 I hope you will like this simple Bee Bento for today's post ^_^ Have a nice day! 


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