Monday, 24 March 2014

Bento2014#Mar24~Mickey & Minnie Mouse

Hello everyone! It's Monday and back to my normal bento routine. Yesterday I saw this cute Mickey mouse & Minnie mouse from Pinterest done by Smile Kitchen/Maisland. Just love this simple designed and looks easy to made ^_^

Here is the close up Minnie & Mickey :) I made two onigiri with chicken floss fillings inside. Freehand cut out the face using toothpick and add nori details. I did some changes for Minnie eyelashes :) White balls made from candy balls (bought from bakery shop) and add red cheeks (red food gel). Lastly, Minnie ribbon pick and cut out  cherry tomato as rose.

For side dishes: Sweet drummets (my kids favourite), broccoli, quail egg (shape as heart), carrots and watermelons (Mickey & Minnie shape using cookie cutter)

Have a nice Monday and thank you so much for visit my blog ^_^ 


  1. very cute and lovely details~!

  2. This looks so adorable and yummy!!!! ^_^ Lately I've been really busy so I havent been able to make/post much bento :(


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