Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Bento2014#Mar25~Elmo Onigiri Bento

As usual less food on Tuesday so I made simple onigiri with Elmo design on top ^_^ Elmo also one of my daughter's favourite when she was toddler but when I started making bento and introduced Hello Kitty to her. She prefers Kitty instead :D Well, more to girl theme I guess! But she still happy to see Elmo for her today's lunch.

Shape onigiri with chicken floss fillings inside with cling wrap then cover with nori. Elmo made from crabstick that I use cutter to cut out and add the nori details. Nose made from orange capsicum. 

I made another half body Elmo that stick on gyoza :) The body made from red capsicum and the rest of it from crabstick as well.

For side dishes: gyoza and spinach. Watermelon at another small container that I didn't take picture together :)

I hope today's Elmo Onigiri will brighten up your day! 


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