Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Bento2014#Apr15~Chococat Burger

It's Tuesday and as usual I made something light for my daughter's lunch bento ^_^ Yesterday I bought some charcoal buns from bakery shop so I thought of  making Chococat burger since the cat is black in colour and also pretty easy to made :p

Here's the close up Chococat look! Ingredients as follows:
  • Chococat head/ear/nose : charcoal bun and cheese for ears & nose
  • Chococat eyes : hard boiled egg & insert spaghetti to secure.
  • Whiskers         : toasted spaghetti
  • Bottom : rice pattie (using mould to shape) & cover nori at bottom
  • Fillings : chicken floss, hard boiled egg slices, lettuce & mayonnaise
  • Dessert            : grapes

I hope you will like this kawaii Cococat Burger theme ^_^ Have a great Tuesday!


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