Friday, 3 June 2016


30.05.16 (Monday)

  • Snoopy: Rice (chicken floss underneath), freehand scissor cut out nori detailed.
  • Mini Snoopy: Quail eggs, freehand scissor cut out nori detailed.
  • Side dishes: Kiwi fruit, prawn gyoza, pea sprouts.
 31.05.16 (Tuesday)

  • Jackie: Chicken katsu by using Jackie cookie cutter to cut out the shaped. Add on cheese and nori for the detailed. Punch out paw nori for extra touched.
  • Side dishes: stir-fried okra, rice, orange (sprinkle sour plum on top), mayo.
01.06.16 (Wednesday)
  • Domokun: Tofu skin and freehand penknife cut out the shaped. Add on crabstick for mouth and bouquet of flower. Punch out nori eyes using puncher.
  • Side dishes: Rice, cauliflower, carrots, sweet sauce chicken drummet, kiwi fruits inside the egg case.
02.06.16 (Thursday)
  • Chicks: Mashed potatoes, punch out nori detailed using puncher and carrots for beak/feathers
  • Side dishes: Rice covered by pumpkin floss, curry chicken with potatoes, bok choy, carrots and orange slices.

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