Thursday, 5 June 2014

Bento2014#Jun05~Hello Kitty NFM Lunchbox

Yay!!! I'm so happy that my daughter's eyes getting better so she's back to school after on MC two days at home. Today I made her favourite Sanrio Hello Kitty for her lunch as well using new bento lunch box by Nude Food Makers products. I bought two different colours of NFM lunchboxes on last week Friday (Popular Book Fair) I'm surprised to see lots of NFM products selling at the book fair as I'm not sure how good is the products but the colours attracts me :D 

I'm not doing any NFM reviews but if you like to see the products can just hop to their website HERE. When my girl resting at home, I still cooked lunch and packed bento for my son and he seem to like this new NFM lunchbox. Anyway, I got him a blue NFM lunchbox ^_^

Finally my girl back to school and she's happy to bring her new lunchbox!!! I made Hello Kitty with pretty sparkling eyes ^_^ Lovely?? Hahaha..... I pray for her eyes to heal better so looks like I can't helped it to cut out pretty eyes for Hello Kitty :p 

I shaped Hello Kitty using the mould and cling wrap. Pink bow made from kamaboko, nose is sweet corn and lastly freehand scissor cut out nori for details.

As for the two side containers contain: Broccoli, minced meat, quail egg as Hello Kitty and oranges.

By the way, do you notice my Hello Kitty Rainbow Loom? I saw many of my bento friends have been sharing their Rainbow Looms so I want to join in the fun looming....especially saw 5amBento shared her Sanrio Rainbow Looms that she made. Wow!!! I want to make it too ^_^ 5am Bento also made many amazing bento creations and I'm sure some of you already know her at Instagram :)

Well, here is the final touched for packing the NFM lunchbox. Pretty & neat right? So far my son used it and he feedback to me that the rice I put was not messy and stayed nicely ^_^

Hope you like it today's Hello Kitty Lunch! Happy Thursday! 


  1. Good to know that your daughter's eyes are ok, Karen. Lovely lunch as always and your new bento box perfectly matches the Hello Kitty :)!

    1. Thank you so much Syntia ^_^ Your lovely visit & words means a lot to me!

  2. So happy for your daughter too ^^. And.... I really love your quaill egg HK idea *put it in my list :D. Thank you for the great simple and cute idea ^^

    1. Aww.....thank you so much dear Tata ^_^ What an excited moment for me to see you & Cooking Gallery sweet compliments!
      So happy that you love the HK quail and looking forward to your bento creations! Definitely greater!!


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