Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Totoro & Chibi Lunch

Today's lunch at home due to my darling daughter not well :( Her left eye was swollen red and doctor gave her two days medical certificate to stay at home. To cheer her up, I cooked soba noodles and made Totoro ^_^ Little Totoro Chibi made from fishball rest on top of Totoro. Opps..... I forgot to pour the sauce for photo takings =_="

Side dishes: Tamagoyaki cut into heart shapes, pea sprouts, oranges. Simple dishes :p

Hope my girl will get well soon. Tomorrow I can't update my blog post so guess I will take a short break cause tomorrow I need to attend a full day course training for my work.


  1. So very cute! Speedy recovery to your girl!

    1. Thank you so much Ming ^_^ She's recovery!

  2. Very cute! And love the orange carving! Hope your daughter feels better soon!


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