Monday, 2 June 2014

Bento2014#Jun02~Duffy The Disney Bear

Honestly speaking, I don't know who's Duffy until my sister told me & she's loved Duffy & ShellieMay The Disney Bear and even had collections of them when she visited Disney Japan ^_^ She kindly lend it to me some of her cute stuffs for me to take pictures together with my bento. So sweet of her and I'm lucky! After making Duffy Bear and I started to like it too :p Opps....influence by her haha....I'll try to make ShellieMay The Disney Bear next round as I know my daughter will prefer the female bear ^_^

Here's the close up Duffy The Disney Bear :) I think the white part for Duffy's face I've shape too high =_=" Looks a bit weird :p Well, still cute right? The brown part of rice, I mix with dark sweet sauce and use cling wrap to shape it. Same goes to the body & legs. The Disney Mickey paw nori was punch out by Mickey puncher that I bought it during my Japan trips! Finally open ceremony for it! Haha...

Side dishes: Broccoli, gyoza, prawns, fishballs & slices of oranges.

Don't you think the Duffy plush keychain adorable? Way too cute than my bento ^_^ Happy Monday!


  1. You're right, it's indeed cute :)! It also slightly looks like an adorable monkey somehow, I love it :D)!

    1. You're right as do looks like monkey ^_^ Thank you so much dear!


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