Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Bento2015#Sep29~Lazy Panda Bento

Due to the bad weather (haze) that no school for today and I got the free time to update my yesterday bento lunch ^_^ Not sure whenever comes to Monday, I will make some thing like lazy and sleep bento :D So Panda bento pop to up and this round I don't shape with cling wrap but I used panda rice mould instead.

A closer look of the panda and mini quail egg panda ^_^ Simply use panda rice mould to shape up the rice and finish with nori details (freehand scissor cut) So easy right by using the rice mould :D

For side dishes have pea sprouts, gyoza, crab meat claw and some grapes/oranges.

I hope you like this simple panda bento and hopefully the haze will go away! We miss the fresh air so much..... sigh....

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