Monday, 14 April 2014

Bento2014#Apr14~Hello Kitty Easter Bunny

Hello all readers I'm back on bento routine ^_^ Kids back to school so as mummy back to bento Well coming Sunday will be Happy Easter and last few days I've made Easter Dinner Foodart so this round will be my 1st Easter Bento Theme :) 

Once again Hello Kitty dressed up warmly as bunny even though my country was hot weather but I still prefer cool weather since I can't wear so let HK wears :D 

Here is the close up Hello Kitty. Ingredients as follows:
  • Hello Kitty    : Shape rice as onigiri 
  • Bunny wears : Rice mix with tomato ketchup and add furikake (bought in Singapore)
  • Easter Eggs  : Yellow egg made of eggsheet wrap with mini onigiri
  •                         Purple egg made of purple furikake mix with rice then add sprinkles candy
  • Nest              : Chicken floss
  • Side dishes   : Okra, prawn eggs, cheese ball, blueberries and apples (cut into semi circle)
 I hope you will like today's post and brighten up your day ^_^ 


  1. 孩子们太幸福了!妈妈的便当好漂亮可口哦!

  2. Lovely!~ Can You tell me how much time You spend of making a bento box? ^.^

    1. Thank you so much dear Neko.

      Yes sure, I timed myself within one hour must get it done. The one hour not include photo takings. Due to I'm a working mum so time very consuming =_=" For rice normally was overnight rice and reheat the next day before turn into characters. Dishes will cooked on the same day :)


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