Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Bento#Nov27~Bunny & Sheep Quail Eggs

While cleaning and sorting out my food picks.... I saw this cute set of picks that I bought since my Osaka trips! Time to open ceremony those cute picks ^_^ Haha.... Well, I choose bunny blue pick and pink sheep pick for today's post! I have left over yam rice from last night dinner so I just heat up and sprinkle some flower/sesame furikake on top! I add some cucumber as leave for some green touch :)
A closer look of the Bunny Quail Egg and Sheep Quial Egg ^_^ After removed the quail shell, just gentle rub on your palm for oval shape. Insert the picks and punch out nori for all the details! I add some red cheeks (food gel). Lastly, freehand scissor cut the eyelashes. *Note: I insert wrongly for the blue bunny picks =_=" Didn't realize it :p
For side dishes: Cut the sausages into half as heart and carve apple. Quick lunch bento for my girl as she has requested. I hope you will like it and have a nice day! 

What I've used:


  1. So cute! Wish I can find the flower furikake too!

    1. Thanks Jean ^_^ I bought the flower furikake from Liang Court :)


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