Monday, 25 November 2013

Bento#Nov25~Bear Bento

Non kyaraben bento for today :p I want to use this BEAR triangle container so I thought of making simple lunch bento. Just cooked tomato spaghetti for my kids lunch and put the tomato pasta sauce into the BEAR container. Pretty easy right? Haha...

After the spaghetti cooked, I arrange neatly and cut out some cucumber, cherry tomato to made them into pretty roses. Underneath the cucumber roses is egg sheet that I slice into noodle form. I also made crab stick (red & white) into flowers and in the middle brown colour with butterfly picks are quail eggs (soak with dark sweet sauce water).
Below the Bear container, I add two fish ball (mixed with mushroom that I bought it from Figo brand).
Well, I hope you will enjoy my today's Bear Bento ^_^ Happy Monday!!

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  1. Love the arrangement of the sides into flowers

  2. Love the flowers you created, so pretty!


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