Thursday, 20 March 2014

Bento2014#Mar20~Line Cony & Brown

As per request from my darling girl "Line Cony & Line Brown" that she likes these two emoticons ^_^ She even told me that Cony likes Brown that I actually didn't aware of it :D I'm totally lost right? Oh well, I do love these two characters and they both looked so cute!! Today's lunch bento I made them hug each other :)

Here is the close up Cony hugs Brown ^_^ I shape Cony using cling wrap and made onigiri (chicken floss fillings) and Brown (rice mix dark sweet sauce). Freehand scissor cut out nori for the details and I add red food gel for cheeks & Cony ears. To cover the holes next to Cony, I add sweet corn (mix some butter), lettuce and pea sprouts.

For side dishes: Air-fry fish fillet and potato wedges. Simple bunny apple carving and some ketchup at chick sauce container.

So let's hug our loved ones today (everyday is the BEST). Happy Thursday! Hugs~


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