Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Bento2014#July01~Hello Kitty Ice-cream

Yesterday was a Public Holiday for my kids school so I didn't prepared any bento ^_^ Today back to school and as usual every Tuesday, I packed less food for her lunch! This is one of my to-do-list that I always wanted to made one fine day and here is it....meet my kawaii Hello Kitty Ice-cream :D Saw some of my bento friends had made it at their Instagram so finally my turn to have fun making!

I chose "Selasa" Magnum ice-cream stick for today's bento and filled up some cucumber, korean seaweed and inari into the bento lunchbox. Shape the rice using cling wrap and add the magnum stick as well ^_^ Lastly, cut out nori for Kitty-chan face features details and I love to add eyelashes for extra cuteness!!! Carbstick for ribbon and the nose made from corn.

Fast and easy lunch bento! Hope you like it and happy Tuesday!!! Hugs!


  1. I love this ice cream idea too.... Oh so much to learn from you ^^

    1. Aww....I learned it from others too Tata! So kind of you to said that coz I am the one should learn from you!!


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