Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Bento2014#Sep24~Domokun Bento

It's Wednesday already? Today making hungry Domokun for my daughter's bento lunchbox. I hardly use this lunchbox due to the square size and I know my girl will prefer cute lunchbox compare to this plain one ^_^ Well, after she saw Domokun this morning while I was taking photos, she said: Oh....Domokun makes me hungry mummy! sweet to hear that even though just a simple prawn patties change into Domokun character!
Here's the close up Domokun made from prawn patties (I used airfryer for this frozen prawn patties. Yes, I didn't make it but will look for a nice recipe to make one ^_^) Add crabstick for Domokun mouth and nori for eyes. Then cut out Domokun letters using cutter. 
For side dishes have fishballs, broccoli, lotus root, tamyoyaki, mini grapes and mayonnaise at the bunny sauce container. The tamagoyaki is two tones, I mix one egg with dark sweet sauce then another egg just normal to make this two tones :) hungry Domokun Bento for today's post. I find it funny whenever I make Domokun, it seem that Domokun looks hungry ^_^ Not sure is it due to the huge open mouth?? Hahaha.....

Have a nice day & thank you very much for visiting my blog. 


  1. so cute! Domo kun made me smile! :)

  2. Oh..ur girl is so sweet~
    Ur bento makes me happy & hungry!! yummy!

    1. yes I'm blessed to have a girl as my son doesn't want cute stuffs least I can have fun making them & received lots of laughter from my girl at home ^_^

      Thanks 婉婉 for ur sweet words!


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