Thursday, 25 September 2014

Bento2014#Sep25~Minions Bento

It has been quite some times have not make Minions Bento. I'm sure my daughter will likes it ^_^ While adding the Minions nori details and my daughter ask me why one of the minion looks grumpy? Looks like she still prefers beautiful happy faces :D Anyway, I told her this little fellow don't want to be eaten by you! Hahaha....
Minions made from meat patties & melted cheese on top. Before I add the cheese on top of the meat patties, I freely scissor cut out the nori and add on top of the cheese. After done cooking (I turn off the heat & let it melted) I add the Minions eyes (crabstick/nori) and hair. The yellow rice is cooked hard boiled egg yolk (half will do since not much of rice) mix the rice and I add little bit of mayonnaise (as per request). Arrange the yellow rice first, followed by the broccoli and add Minions in the middle then lastly the shimeji mushrooms.

Ta-dah.....cute little minions bento for today's lunch using Monbento Lunchbox ^_^ I also add some mini grapes at the lettuce silicone cup for her dessert. I hope this Minions Bento will brighten up your day! Happy Thursday!
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  1. Very cute!
    I love seeing your bento and they inspire me a lot :-)

    1. Your lovely words made my day & I really appreciate dosirakbento ^_^


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