Tuesday, 3 March 2015


3rd March is Hinamatsuri 雛祭り or Girl's Day/Doll's Day ^_^ This will be my first Hinamatsuri bento for this year so I made Hello Kitty again for last night dinner using  Kokeshi Bento box from Bento&Co that I bought few years ago. 

Meet Hello Kitty Empress made from onigiri. After shaping, I spread sakura denbu for pink touch and egg as fan and nose. Cut out nori for all details. Instead of red bow, I punch out nori sakura using puncher.
Here's the close up Dear Daniel Emperor holding ritual baton made of egg. Add in all nori details!

For side dishes have broccoli, prawn, tamagoyaki and sweet corn & dried scallop soup. (I just use dishes that I homecooked for my family dinner to made Hinamatsuri Bento) Today's post not for my daughter's lunch but her dinner bento instead ^_^ Hope you like it!

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