Thursday, 21 February 2013

This is for school snack bento. Simple and cute bee buzzing around the garden :) To made the sandwich nicely fit in with the bento box. Just used the bento box as mold and cut the breads. I spread peanut butter to whole wheat breads.
 Instead of using cutter to cut the cheese as bee, I rolled the cheese with nori together as bee. Puncher the eyes and lip and nori strips. The bee wings used food pick. For the flower, I used flower cutter to cut the chicken ham and add edamame as leaves. Lastly, add in smiley face for flower.
Another bee ^_^ I changed the face features for the flower. Adorable right?
Some honey cherry tomato, grapes and homebaked pineapple tarts. I hope this simple snack can make you smile as the busy bees smiling too ^_^ Cheers!

Bento of the Week


  1. such cute bees! love the roll up cheese idea. Your daughter must really like cheese! I see that often in your bentos :D

  2. Super cute and happy bees and flowers, I love them!:)

  3. Oh I'm smiling :D. I think that this edamame looks perfect as leaves. This photo reminds me of dancing flowers! :p

  4. Those bees are so adorable! Thanks for linking up to Bento Blog Network this week!


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