Thursday, 21 February 2013

Bento#Feb20~Doll's Festival Onigiri

Good Morning ^_^ Today I'm making Hinamatsuri bento again :) Started to loved this theme bento and so happy that I can managed the time plus photo taking!! 
I used triangle shape rice mold to shape The Emperor. Inside onigiri added some chicken floss and cheese. Next, I cut long strips nori and wrap for wearing the costume then wrap another layer of boiled cabbage. Repeat the same method for the other side of the costume. Freehand cut nori for hair and used puncher to punch nori for eyes, nose and lips. Add some tomato ketchup for cheeks. Lastly, I add edamame for The Emperor holds a ritual baton. 
Gorgeous Empress onigiri also the same method with The Emperor onigiri. I just changed the costume to crab stick and carrot as fan and headdress. The headdress used cutter mold to cut and poke the holes with straws. The eyelashes used nori puncher to punch, no freehand scissor cut eyelashes today :p
Side dishes will be apple, edamame, chicken ham as flower, squid roll and carrots.
Hope you will like today's lunch~Doll's Festival Onigiri~ and my girl just loved it! She asked me: "Mummy, you made kor kor and me? Haha....She's cute and she's happy that her snack and lunch were the same theme bento. Yay!!
Anyway, will explain to her more after she came back from school ^_^

Hope you will enjoy reading and like it! Cheers!

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