Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Bento2014#Sep23~Totoro Quail Egg

Today's lunch bento will be less food and light lunch ^_^ Yesterday my daughter requested roti canai or roti prata for her lunch bento since every Tuesday will be rush hour during her lunch break. Last minute changes to use this Totoro Two-tier Lunchbox that I bought quite some times ago during my Japan trip :p I like this lunchbox but will be tricky to design cute character due to the limited space =_=" More over she wants roti canai not rice or noodles....

Pan-fried the roti canai and I cut into few pieces to fit inside the lunchbox. To match the Totoro lunchbox, I transform the boiled quail egg (roll on palm for totoro shape) into Totoro. Wrap the quail egg with nori for black touch and add on the details. The eggs made from cheese/nori. Lastly, I add some lettuce & parsley.

As for another shorter container, I pour some sugar into small container and put below of the mini grapes.

I hope you like today's Totoro Lunchbox post. Happy Tuesday!


  1. yup! this box is small! :) nice creative quail egg!

    1. haha....ya lor that's why hardly use it ^_^

      Thanks my dear Shirley for your support :)


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