Friday, 29 March 2013

FunBites "Cube iT" Review

Yay....I've received FunBites Cube iT & Luv iT from  Bobbie Rhoads. I'm so excited and can't wait to used it to have FUN with it but today I just do one review for FunBites Cube iT!
FunBites Cube iT is 100% MADE in USA and BPA free. Is a kitchen tools or even bento tools that cut foods into small bites sized. So how it works?
  • Step 1 : Place FunBites cutter on top of food. Remove popper top and set to the side.
  • Step 2 : Grab cutter handles on both sides, press down firmly and rock 5-6 times to cut        through the food.
  • Step 3 : Lift the cutter up, insert popper top and pop out the bite-sized pieces!
FunBites is best if hand washed but is dishwasher safe ^_^

Let me showed you some pictures....kind of having fun when I tried out :p
Step 1 & 2
Step 3 : Insert popper top
Ta-da....pop out bite-sized pieces!
With this FunBites tools can use on any kid-friendly foods, fruits like watermelons, pancakes, cheese and so on....For more details please visit FUNBITES website :

So after pop out the breads, I did some design for my girl's bento snack! I arrange the bite-sized breads to food cup and put honey cherry tomato in the middle. If you have corn bread or charcoal bread or any coloured bread that would be nice for this!
This is the simple one. I just arrange the cube sized bread skin into the food cups and add grape or tomato in the middle. Add lovely picks to it!
 Next, I made used of the bite-sized bread into some mini toasted sandwiches. And add alphabets picks! Just nice for today's review FUNBITES ^_^
Due to I'm making a bento snack so I'm going to put ALL cube-sized fit in the bento box!
Ta-da....while I'm making it... my girl can't wait to EAT them!!!! Haha....
I hope you enjoy reading my FunBites Cube iT review! Also like this easy bite-sized bento snack! Please stay tuned for my next FunBites Luv iT review.....Cheers!

Where to purchase: You can purchase it at FunBites websites.
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