Thursday, 28 March 2013

Bento#March28~Good Friday theme

Tomorrow will be Good Friday!!! I will pick up my kids early from school to attend The Way of Cross service and attend the Good Friday mass at noon. Its a Fasting Day but due to their young age, they don't have to followed but I thought of making a "Good Friday" theme! So I search some images and found this wonderful image! 
Image from Google
Here is the image I've found and freehand cut out nori. I don't followed exactly but just freely cut and paste by looking at the picture :p
First, I cut out the longest hair and stick...add the rest of the hair strips on to the cheese. The red part will be crabstick. Do you find it look alike from the picture? I hope I don't want to ruin the beautiful image of Jesus Christ 
I prepared peanut butter sandwich and put the cheese on top. Then freehand cut out the three cross nori add next to it. Finished with "Good Friday" fondant words on top of chocolate spread.
Waffle and some grapes for her. I hope you will like this religious theme bento. Cheers!


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