Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Bento#March27A~Easter Bunny (III)

Due to tomorrow my kids have Sport's Day at other school and not held in stadium like last year! I don't have to prepare any bento snack for them but just brought some yummy breads for them to bring along ^_^ 
Since no bento snack so I made dinner kyaraben instead :p Its Easter Bunny (III) theme.
Actually I've made three bunnies but the plate too small and can't fit all three so the other one goes to my plate! Haha....
I mixed ketchup with cooked rice then made onigiri. Add nori for the details (hair/eyes/nose/lips). Next add white cooked rice for two onigiri wear bunny costume. Shape the bunny ears and add nori too! The bigger onigiri will be the "mother", I just changed one of the bunny ear drop. As for younger onirigi will be the "child" ^_^ 
 I made some pork patty, boiled sweet corn, stir-fried vegies and decorate some honey cherry tomato and grapes as Easter Eggs :) 
I hope you will like my girl's dinner kyaraben ^_^ Cheers!
I bought all these cute bread at bakery shop for my kids to bring to school ^_^


  1. Love the easter theme! cute bento!

    the bread from the bakery is also really cute!


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