Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Bento#March27~Easter Eggs

Easter theme bento for today's lunch ^_^ Instead of wearing bunny costume, I changed it wearing egg costume :D So everything about Easter Eggs!!! 
First, I made girl onigiri using cling wrap to shape then add in nori hair/eyes/nose/lips. To made egg costume, I add yellow coloured food sprinkle to mixed the rice then shape it with cling wrap. Add girl onigiri in the middle then use the cling wrap to shape them together. Arrange the girl egg costume into the bento box then filled in the rest of the ingredients. I used chicked floss as nest and add two quail eggs decorate with star fondant around it. As for basket, I put bunny container and filled tiny Tang Yuan inside as Easter Eggs.  Lastly, add few chick picks on top ^_^
For another container, I arranged sweet corn as sunflower, broccoli, sweet potato and crabstick as flowers and one boiled seaweed as flower too! Cut checker apple then done!
I hope you will like this Easter Egg theme bento ^_^ Have a nice day!


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