Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Bento#March26~Angry Birds

Today's lunch bento will be macaroni cheese followed by "Angry Bird" theme ^_^
 Red angry bird was fishcake that I bought from wet market. I know that I don't have the enough time to made yellow angry bird and too bad the yellow angry bird fishcake have finished or else will be perfect! The white angry bird was fishball and I decorate the details with crabstick/carrot/nori. Next, I add some flower carrots, blueberries, crabstick flowers  and some lettuce.
Black angry bird onigiri (shaped the rice into ball then add nori). Just add in the details with carrot/crabstick/nori. I made some tamagoyaki then add strawberry and blueberries.
I hope you will like today's theme bento! Cheers!

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