Monday, 25 March 2013

Bento#March25B~Tiger & Tigress

 Say "Hi" to tiger & tigress ^_^ My hubby bought some red bean buns so I just decorate two cute tigers on top of the buns :) To make tigers just used some cutter tools and you can make pretty animals bento snack!
Here's the cutter tools I used. The pink cutter was a bear cutter mould but you still can make tiger or even frog! The orange cutter, I just used the ribbon and the oval shape for tiger paws. Paw puncher for tigers paws!
Well, I used two different cheeses for tigress ^_^ The lighter cheese used the same bear cutter for mouth and trim a "U" shape with a toothpick. Freehand cut out nori for all the details except the eyebrows and paws. Kamaboko for nose and cheeks using the same bear cutter. Lastly, add the red ribbon (crab stick) on top of the tigress and of cause holding a star balloon for decoration! 
Repeat all the steps for tiger except adding the eyelashes ^_^ Red ribbon as bow tie and decorate tiger holds a blue ballooon. 
Some honey cherry tomato and filled up all the holes with lettuce :p I hope you will like this two cute tigers! Cheers!

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