Thursday, 12 June 2014

Bento2014#Jun12~Bear Costume Girl

Like I said yesterday will make few more "Variety Yoyo" costume girl so today's theme animal I made cute bear costume ^_^ The wallpaper theme not many animals costume to change but I'll try to make others or perhaps Sanrio characters :D

Here's the close up Bear Costume Girl ^_^ To made the face, mix rice with ketchup and the bear costume just mix the rice with sweet dark sauce. First, shape the girl's head then add nori for hair and face features :D Next, made the bear costume and put on top of the head. To avoid sticky rice to your hair, I use cling wrap all the time for any shaping rice. Arrange the body and head then cover the holes with broccoli ^_^ Lastly, add the egg sheet and nori for bear details!

For side dishes: Honey soy sauce drumette, bear fishcakes and checker apple.

I hope you like today's theme kyaraben. Happy Thursday!


  1. so cute and neat! I like the girl's hair!

    1. Sorry for the belated reply....Thank you my dear ^_^


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