Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Bento2014#Jun11~Sheep Costume Girl

Baa...baa...white sheep costume that little girl wears ^_^ Today's theme I inspired by my mobile phone wallpaper theme (Variety Yoyo). Look so cute that I can't resist!!! So I made it into my daughter's bento lunchbox!  Lovely right?

Here's the close up Sheep Costume Girl ^_^ To made the face, mix the rice with some ketchup then shape onigiri using cling wrap. Add nori for the details then arrange into the lunchbox. Next, I add part of the pea sprout around the girl onigiri head then cover up with white rice to make as sheep. Cut out two oval shape carrots for the sheep horns with nori details. 

For side dishes: Pan-fried gyoza, button mushroom, carrots and few slices of apple (soak with salt water)

Hope you like today's theme bento and perhaps I can just make another few more design for next bento....hehehe

Happy Wednesday and thank you for the visit! Hugs!


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