Thursday, 3 January 2013


I'm making simple snack for my girl tomorrow school snack~Sugarbunnies~ I will show you the step by step of these cute sugarbunnies ^_^
Let's meet "Shirousa"bread.The pink filling was from  strawberry hazelnut spread. The jam has a twin flavors. One half chocolate and the half strawberry. Add nori for the eyes, nose, mouth and ribbon.
This is "Kurousa"bread. The brown filling was the chocolate hazelnut spread. Looks a bit sticky :p but I'll prepare a fork for her to poke the bread.
Here is the simple step by step! I'm sure some of you already know how to use the bread cutter. Step 1: One piece of white bread can cut out two bunnies. 
Step 2: Combine the two bunnies together. You may spread some jam then combine it.
Step 3: Put the breads back to the cutter then pressed out the face features
 Step 4: Here is the look after pressed. Two pieces of bread combine then pressed can see the details more better compare to just one piece. 
 Step 5: The last step is decoration. I used the hazelnut twin flavors spread. You may use cocoa powder or milo powder too for "Kurousa". Be creative!
I cut one more piece of bunny and spread jam then put the nice one on top. So here is the simple bento snack! Hope you all will like it ^_^ As the bento box not much space for me to I just filled the empty space with some butter cookies :p
Well, what's inside this small bento box??
Its Hello Kitty shapes honeydew that I used cookies cutter to cut :) Pretty easy right? So, I will see you all next week Monday. Do remember to check out my Facebook page or follow my blog for new updates! Thank you so much! Hugs ~


  1. Love your sugarbunnies, and the hello kitty imprints on the honeydew look so cute!

  2. Ur sugar bunnies are so cute, n great idea to use the hello kitty cutter on honeydew. :)

  3. As always, absolutely adorable!


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