Thursday, 3 January 2013

Bento#Jan02~Pretty bunny onigiri

Today school lunch for my girl~Pretty Bunny onigiri~ I always prepared lunch bento in early morning hour and they will bring two bento boxes to school. Their school hours longer so they have break time & lunch time. This year of 2013, I will try my best to take some pictures of my son bento. As I always packed lunch boxes for him but no photo taking since wasn't cute or any character theme :) Anyway, hope you all still like the simple idea of my son's bento at the below pictures later.
So here is the "Pretty Bunny" onigiri that I used rice mould to make. The cooked rice was overnight rice and reheat this morning. Then I mixed the cooked rice with Sakura powder and pinch of salt for better taste. Next, the eyes, nose, flower and dress were boiled seaweed by using shape cutter to cut out the shape. I add some mayo to stick the boiled seaweed on top of the bunny and arrange boiled broccoli next to it.
At the other side of the container, I've cooked some sausages and fresh button mushroom. At the bottom of the mushroom was tamagoyaki and just put a bunny picks to secure both. Simple apple cut with lines for her dessert.
I hope this "Pretty Bunny" onigiri will brighten up your day!! Sorry for the unprofessional photo taking as I always in a rush in the morning hours. Need to send my kids to school then off for work :)
Here is my son school lunch box. All the dishes were the same but different arrangement based on the lunch box you used. Nothing special as usual :) I mixed the cooked rice with sweet sauce and arrange one side of the container. Add some nori sprinkles then use cutter shape mould to cut the boiled seaweed. 
Here is the closer look of the boiled seaweed :) 
The other side dishes just arranged it ^_^
I don't have the time to take the bento tools I've used for these two lunch boxes. Will try to upload the bento tools pictures after work. Thank you for spending time to read my blog and do check out the tools later in the evening. Have a great day!! 
Here are the bento tools ^_^   

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