Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Bento#Jan01~Welcome Hello Kitty

Happy bento-ing again for my daughter school open on 3th January 2013. My first bento snack for my girl~Hello Kitty welcome my girl~ Also wish all mummies who been making bentos for their kids or loved ones at home "Happy Bento-ing" Let's put our loved inside and packed them healthy snacks/foods. This year 2013, I'll try my best to share more ideas and show you the step by step when I've the time ^_^ 
I loved freehand cut the nori but not for this Hello Kitty!!! I'm sure some of you
have seen this kitty puncher. I bought a lot of punchers during my trips in Japan. So do not hesitate of buying when you're in oversea. I used cutter to cut the bread then spread some peanut butter in between two flower shape breads. Just paste the nori on top of the bread with some mayo or jams :) Pretty easy when comes with nori puncher and save you time! Lovely kitty right?
Next, I used kitty cookies cutter to cut the honey dews and insert a bow ribbon pick. Please refer the tools picture at the bottom :)
Lovely cute Hello Kitty pancake烧饼 bought from Japan and these were the last two pieces for her. One kitty烧饼 with "Hello" sign so I put a kitty pick to wave hello to my girl and you too ^_^ The other kitty烧饼 just the head. I'm sure my girl will take her own sweet time to enjoy her last two pieces...hahaha...
I put the bento snack on top of the boxes for photos taking :) Hope you too will like this bento snack!! 
Here comes the bento tools picture. As the flower shape bread, I didn't use the heart to press. Just want to show you which flower cookies cutter I used :) Hope all these pictures will help you to understand how I make. Lastly, happy schooling for the little ones and enjoy bento-ing all mummies or perhaps daddies too!! Cheers!

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