Thursday, 27 June 2013

Bento#June27~My Neighbor Totoro & Mei Kusakabe

Today I'm going to post my last night dinner kyaraben "My Neighbor Totoro & Mei Kusakabe" ^_^ Inside the bento box dishes were just simple cooking meals for my family so I transform it into Totoro & Mei :p
The other day I've made Satsuki wears Totoro costume so this round I liked to made Satsuki's sister Mei ^_^ I loved this Mei character....too adorable!!! I hope you will like it too :)
To made Mei, first I Google search her images then use cling wrap to shape her face/body (rice mixed with ketchup). Kombu for her hair, crabstick for her dress and lastly add all the nori details.
Next, I made one Big Totoro Onigiri and another Small White Totoro made from fishball ^_^
I also used Philips Airfry some Drumsticks and Wings but I just arranged the drummet to shared at Instagram :) Just simple marinate with seasoning (I didn't follow any recipe, just my usual normal cooking). 
Do share with me which characters that you like the most in My NeighborTotoro movie ^_^ I think will try to made the Catbus for next round bento :p Hope you will enjoy reading my today's post! Cheers!


  1. This is too lovely!! All the details are perfect!

  2. 可爱!哇!你好有创意哦!用我们新马的鱼圆来制作小龙猫。

  3. you made this bento ??? GOSH is absolutely ........... FANTASTIC !!! SUPER !!! I love Totoro characters !

    1. Yes I made this !!! My kids liked Totoro character too ^_^


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