Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Bento#June26~Hungry Mouse

Today's lunch will be "Hungry Mouse" kyaraben ^_^ Cooked some pink soba noodles and leaf pasta. Simple lunch and yet cute to eat >_<
Mouse made of Taiwan mini sweet sausages and cheese as well nori/seaweed.
Cupcake picks and cheese for hungry mouse ^_^
I'm sure with this closer images of the mouse, can easily understand how I made :) Do let me know if you would like me do a tutorial of the mouse!
For side dishes: sweet potato, sausage, sweet peas, grape and sotong rolls. I hope you will like this simple mouse kyaraben ^_^ My daughter said is Twin Mouse because they have same colour of ribbon picks! Haha...and she chooses the cupcake pick before I take some pictures of it ^_^


  1. Love the idea of using taiwanese sausage!

  2. this is cute and I like your idea on the Taiwanese sausage :D
    anyway, where to get the mini sausage? what I normally saw is the long type 1...

    1. Thanks Michelle ^_^ Hope you can try out Taiwanese sausage too :)

  3. I really love this bento, but unlucky my country cannot find the leaf pasta. It's just too pretty.


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