Friday, 14 June 2013

Bento#June14~CuteZcute Tiger

It's been awhile didn't use my CuteZcute cutters :p So today's bento snack going to made "TIGER" designed using the cutters. I still have some frozen dorayaki so just nice to made simple bento snack! By the way, I bought new bento box yesterday at Singapore shopping mall. So can't wait to used it for today's bento snack ^_^
A closer look of the CuteZcute Tiger! I cut out the bread for tiger face then slowly punch out one by one for the ears and mouth by holding the bread. Due to using different cutter so I can't just pressed it like normal. Well, I can't show you the step by step as I have no ones to take picture :p Anyway I'm sure you will get the idea how to punch out! After punch out the ears, nose, mouth and eyes. I spread some peanut butter on top of the bread then put some chicken floss on top for tiger fur :) Next, punch out tiger strips from egg sheet and add on top of the seaweed/nori for more details. Ham for ears and nose adn tiger whiskers made from toasted spaghetti.
Here is the CuteZcute cutters. I hope you can get the ideas of the makings :)
As for the Trudeau Fuel products that I saw, only bought home these two items ^_^ Lovely coloured right? Best part was Eco friendly & BPA Free!!! Too bad the shopping mall I went don't have any Hello Kitty designed :(
Here is the big family of Trudeau Fuel Bento box/fork & CuteZcute cutters! I hope you will like my "Tiger" designed :) If you like to know more of  the CuteZcute cutters, please click HERE. The Trudeau Fuel products, if you're from Singapore may visit Metrojaya Causeway Point or Takashimaya Orchard. May be other shopping mall selling too but I'm not sure. For get to know more of their products, perhaps you may refer to their website :) Please note that I'm not doing any reviews for the both products but just mainly my personal interest of liking their awesome products! 
Well, I hope you will enjoy reading my blogs and like today's CuteZcute Tiger! Cheers!


  1. lovely tiger bento. i like the "fur" lol!
    will go shopping soon. better be there before GSS is over.

    1. Thanks dear ^_^ Glad that you like the idea :) Happy Shopping! Let me know if you saw HK Trudeau boxes :)

  2. cute & creative!

    1. Thank you so much to see you here JeeJee Bento with lovely comments!


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