Monday, 19 November 2012

Bento#Nov13~Panda Santa

Ho ho ho....Panda Santa Claus is coming to town :D Christmas getting nearer and I started to practice making some Christmas theme bento! While looking for a bento box, I actually bought the panda bento box from online shop quite some time! And is still with wrapper!! the idea of making "Panda Santa" just nice for my kids lunch :)
Panda Santa Claus was make from cooked rice that pressed out from a panda rice mould. The ears, eyes and nose also used panda puncher to cut from the nori/seaweed. The hands, I used plastic foil to wrap small amount of rice to make 2 round hands. Present was make from carrot that I cut into square shape and wrap with spinach stem then use spaghetti to secure it then deco with crabmeat that I cut a small strip to tied a knot. Underneath the panda santa was stir-fried spinach. As for the hat was make from crabmeat stick too!
As for another section, I added some cherry tomato with cute panda picks! Mandarin orange with leave picks too! Dark sweet sauce pork that was leafover dinner and bean curd that I deco with carrots and crabmeat using cutter to cut out the shapes. 2 flower roses make from crabmeat as well ^_^ 
I took few pictures!! The Christmas picks bought quite long ago and finally can decorate!!! 
Here are the bento tools that I've used for this Panda Santa Claus Bento! I hope you all will like this bento too! Bon appetit!!


  1. This is so cute!! Lol, I've the same box too, panda n bear ones, both nvr used yet. Oops, lol. :p

    1. Thanks Ming ^_^ Really? haha...looks like became a collection! I can't stop buying if I saw cute bento box :D Looking forward to your new panda box bento!!

  2. SO soooo Cute! I like this! So so detail! Very good job!


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