Wednesday, 7 November 2012


I still have few more 豆沙饼 so this time will turn into "Ladybugs" :D Before you decide what to do for bento, try to think of a bento theme or a character for the main role. It helps you go along with the rest of the side dishes too :) At the bottom of the "Lady Bugs" was tuna cheese sandwich. As you can see on top of the bread, I spread some jam and filled fish floss to make it like sands. Next I add plastic leaf to make it more nicer. To make sure the "Ladybugs" stay firm, I add spaghetti strips (my girl will take away the spaghetti strips).
To make "Ladybugs" head, I cut semicircle nori then stick to the cheese and use toothpick to trim out. The eyes also use cheese and nori. Followed by the lines and spots. To let the head stay firm, I toasted spaghetti a bit to make it as antennae then poked through.
To make it more alive, I add some cute "Ladybugs" picks that sponsor by Bento Berries Good news to all of you that there is a giveaway!!! Please do check out the links and enter the contest before it ends on 18th November 2012.Good Luck!
 Lastly, I add some cherry tomato, box of raisin and small mandarin orange. Hope you all will like this "Ladybugs" bento ^_^ Cheers!

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