Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Bento#Nov07~Sporty girl

Today kids lunch will be tomato shell pasta and ham with cheese bread. On top of the shell pasta, I add hard boiled egg. Part of the egg I decorate as flower ball that is for today's theme~Sport Girl~ playing ball. As you can see I used cutter to cut as cloud to look like sky :P The flower ball, I use puncher to cut the nori.
 Sporty girl I used oval shape cutter to cut the cheese as face. And add dolly eyes for her with nori. Freehand cut nori for hair, nose, mouth and ear. Broccoli as her dolly dress and used broccoli bottom part as dress frills but you need to cut thin slice. As for her boots, I used sausages :) To let the boots stay firm onto the bread, I used spaghetti sticks poked the sausage then to the bread. Her hands I used cutter as well. Lastly, I add some fondant star for her hair band.
 I hope you will like this sporty girl bento too!! Have a nice day~

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