Friday, 23 November 2012

Bento#Nov16~Dear Daniel & Kitty White

Today's lunch I make Dear Daniel with Hello Kitty ^_^ 
I used hello kitty rice mould to make their face. I pressed away the ribbon shape since Dear Daniel is a male. To make Dear Daniel body, I mixed the rice with blue pea flower and take plastic foil to pressed out the shapes. Both of them holding hands as I find that Hello Kitty hand still not well pressed :p Add the crabmeat for dress and bow. Used puncher to pressed out the eyes and whiskers. Nose is egg and I freehand cut out Dear Daniel hair and Kitty White eyelashes :) 
I make two tone tamagoyaki and wasn't clear enough as the eggyolk seem not dark enough :( I cut them into half to make it heart shape and add small crabmeat heart shape. Fishball and star fishball next to it with pretty kitty picks!
Lastly, small mandarin orange and cherry tomato :) Hope you al will like today's bento. Have a wonderful weekends!
Here are the bento tools!!


  1. Aiyoh!!! So cute - That's what I thought as I flipped through your pics. Imma try see if I can attempt this! You're so good at the bento making!

  2. I heart kitty so much n my dearest daniel too.. n I heart u tooo .... thankx

  3. I heart kitty n daniel so much... n u too... tx so muachh

    1. Thanks sintya paramita for liking this hk & dear Daniel bento (*¯︶¯*)


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