Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Bento#Nov15~Queen Bee

Today's lunch ~ Queen bee ~ loved flowers....My fridge running out of vegies and these few days been taking care of my girl. Hope she get well soon.
Well, I slice small piece from a hard boiled egg for queen bee face then cut from nori for eyes, nose, lips and hair. Before add the bee, I mixed the rice with japanese food sprinkle and used flower rice mould to pressed. The middle yellow part was egg yolk with some mayo. Put the flower first then only can deco the bee head and body :)
 I boiled some crabmeat rolls, bunny pasta and edamame beans. I rolled the crabmeat rolls with sweet bean curd/inari skin as flowers :) Finished with some bee picks!! Hope you all will like this bento too ^_^ Have a great day!

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