Monday, 23 September 2013

Bento#Sept23~Honey Bee with Happy Flower Bento

~Honey Bees Bento~
Today's lunch bento theme will be Honey Bee with Happy Flower Bento ^_^ I cooked egg fried rice from leftover rice. And boiled the quail eggs for decoration as flower! This is quite a simple bento lunch, just need to arrange the food for this theme.
Honey bee head cut out from cheese using circle cutter and body freely cut out using toothpick. Punch out nori for the face and scissor cut out the strips for bee body. Cucumber as leaves. Sausages for flower petals and quail egg as flower. Below picture will be the closer look of the Happy Flower!
Happy Flower Bento for my son ^_^ Both bento have the same flowers but my girl gets huge Honey Bees! I'm glad that my 12th years old son allowed me to add the flower face features ^_^ But the bee picks & flower picks after photo takings he removed it  =_=" Oh long he brings homecooked bento to school I'm happy with it!
I hope you will like both of my bentos ^_^ Happy Monday!! Cheers!

What I've used:

monbento bentos & accessories


  1. Honey bee and flowers are super cute and the fried rice looks yummy, making me hungry for it now!:)

  2. The bee and flowers are so cute! Do you have a tutorial on how to cut the cucumbers into leaf patterns like you have made here?

    1. Thanks Jean ^_^ I didn't make cucumber leave tutorial yet but I learn from Japanese site that they sharing at youtube :) If have time will try to make a tutorial!

  3. Beautiful flower & those cucumber leaves are just gorgeous!


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