Monday, 21 October 2013

Bento#Oct21~Panda Makisushi

It's Monday!! Making Panda Makisushi ^_^ My 1st attempt using panda sushi mould to made and still find it hard to control  =_=" Looks like need more practice!!! 

Panda : Rice mixed with sushi seasoning
Black : Rice mixed with sesame powder and sushi seasoning

I add some Japanese sweet sauce into Monbento sauce container ^_^ Sweet plum and strawberry with kawaii panda pick and leaf pick! 

Four panda makisushi for each bento box (my son & daughter). I didn't cut big piece so was just nice can cut into 8 makisushi ^_^ I hope you will like today's post! Cheers!  

What I've used:
  monbento bentos & accessories   

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  1. The sushi is so nicely done! Great job!


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