Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Bento#Dec03~Hello Kitty Santa

Today after work quickly prepare dinner for my family. So I thought of surprised my girl this "Hello Kitty Santa" bento for her dinner ^_^ 
Hello Kitty made from scallop beancurd. I cut the beancurd into half and the white part facing up. Before that I mixed the cooked rice with some Sakura powder and arranged underneath the Hello Kitty Santa. Next cut the nori/seaweed for kitty eyes & whiskers. The ribbon for kitty, I used a ribbon mould to cut the crabmeat (red part). As for the santa hat, freehand knife cutting the crabmeat as well :p Then I add the sweet corn for kitty nose. To make the Christmas ornament wreaths, I arranged the broad beans and add some flower carrots and crabmeat. 
Lastly, I just decorate with some Christmas picks at the vegetables and fish. Hope you too will like today's bento ^_^ Cheers!
Here are the bento tools that I've used for Hello Kitty Santa bento. Some of the tools was bought during my honeymoon trip in Japan. I'm sure some of you can get from Daiso or any online shops :)
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