Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Bento#Dec04~My Melody & friends

Today going to bring my two darlings for afternoon movie s0 make a quick lunch bento. I still have left over cooked rice so just reheat it :p Stir-fried some broccoli with carrots and added the sausages together. Next I make tamagoyaki with slices of cherry tomato.
Arranged the cooked rice to the bento box. I bought this "My Melody" nori/seaweed packet from Japan that can save time by peeling the nori that already with shapes of My Melody, mouse & hearts. Pretty easy right? I will post the picture of the nori packets below :) Next, I used star shape cutter to cut the carrots and arranged it.
Here is the My Melody ready nori. Loved the pink lovely :p For those of you that know where can purchase in Singapore or Malaysia please kindly leave me a message :) Thanks!
Next, I arranged the broccoli underneath the dolls sausages and cut tamagoyaki as heart shape, arranged in the middle. I cut thin slices of boiled seaweed for the sausages doll as belt and secured with spaghetti. As for the dolls, I'm sure you can easily understand how to make from the close up photo :) 
Hope you all will like this My Melody & friends bento :) Cheers!! 

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