Thursday, 15 October 2015

Rilakkuma Deco Mashed Potato Steamed Buns

It's baking time since I have some orange sweet potatoes to make deco steamed pao ^_^ This round I make Rilakkuma using the same recipe but just add some cocoa powder for brown colour. To view the recipe can visit HERE my previous Winnie The Pooh Deco Steamed Buns.
I prepared the dough at late evening while cooking dinner for my family. Well, I'm happy that the dough rise up well and time to shape into Rilakkuma. On the other hand, my girl already helped me rolled the red beans into 12 balls each ball is 10g for the pao fillings. Each dough I use 40g for each ball and I make sure have balance dough to the ears ^_^  
To make brown dough, I mix some cocoa powder to the natural dough. This took me quite some time to knead it until smooth. (*Sorry that I didn't use any measurement for the cocoa powder, all base on the brown colour that I prefer)
To make black detail simply add the natural dough with some charcoal powder and knead until smooth. 
The balance black dough just nice to create Jiji Cat ^_^ While steaming, the pao skin not as smooth as the Rilakkuma =_="
I hope you will like this Rilakkuma Deco Steamed Buns. Happy Thursday! 

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