Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Bento2015#Oct27~Sleepy Rilakkuma & Friends

Sleepy San-X Rilakkuma and friends for today's bento ^_^ How I wish that I'm one of them can continue my beauty sleep Zzz..... So tired and forever no ending tasks to do everyday =_=" But after done the bento for my girl, especially with cute characters will make me feel great and no longer tired :D Looks like by looking at cute stuffs will brighten up each day! No wonder every night my daughter will asked me: "Mummy, what's for tomorrow? Can you make this and so on.... etc" Aww.....melts my heart <3 
Here's the close up Rilakkuma and friends. 

Rilakkuma: To make brown rice, just mix the rice with dark sweet sauce.
Korilakkuma: Rice, nori details and crabstick (I don't have kamaboko for pink touch)
Kiiroitori: Egg sheet, nori details and crabstick.

For side dishes have pan-fried fish fillets, broccoli and baby corns. (*I pack the grapes separately for her desserts)

I hope you like today's sharing bento. Have a lovely day!

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