Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Bento2015#Oct21~Bon Bon Ribbon Bento

My girl requested Bon Bon Ribbon character for her bento ^_^ So what usually most mother will do or perhaps father (that make bento) surely try our best right? 

I cook some macaroni for their lunch and I make Bon Bon Ribbon out of rice using rice mould. Save me a lot of time :D

Here's the close up Bon Bon Ribbon. I mix the rice with some sakura denbu for pink touch and cut out the crabstick using the provided cutter from Bon Bon Ribbon rice mould set :) Nori for the details.

For the side dishes have oven homebaked chicken fillets, spring roll with some mayo on top.

I hope you will like today's bento. Have a lovely day and thank you for the visit ^_^

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