Thursday, 8 October 2015

Bento2015#Oct08~Caring Bear Bento

Some thing cute for her lunch instead of continue making Halloween theme ^_^ This round I will make a brown bear that likes sea creatures (using food picks). It's easy to make your theme bento by adding few cute picks! Think about it, I hardly use lots of food picks for my bento nowadays.... unless is the ribbon picks :D 

Here's the closer look of my brown bear make of rice onigiri coat with chicken floss. Nori for the details! Arrange the bear first then slowly cover up the rest of the dishes (baby cabbage, carrots, ginger chicken, quail eggs and grapes)
I hope you like today's sharing and guess what? Next week is my kids school one week break not because of the bad haze but mid term break =_=" Anyway, I might have time spending on baking....hehehe.....

Happy Thursday! 

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  1. Very sweet! Love this cute little bear.


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